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Do you want to live a life free from constant health struggles? To be able to focus on the things that really matter like your family, friends, and work? Dr. Tim DeArmond is on a mission to free his community from constant pain and health concerns and is excited to educate those who are ready for change!

The 30-minute Reset is a workshop created to inspire healthy change in your life. As we all go through life we pick up some bad health habits which create chaos in our life. Left unsolved, these habits will eventually have negative effects on our overall health.

Dr. Tim DeArmond understands that changing these habits is hard. That's why this workshop includes practical tips that you can implement right away without having to uproot your life. We will discuss topics such as exercising effectively while on a time crunch, eating healthy while enjoying the food you love, and better managing stress with improved mood throughout the day. We look forward to helping you in your health Journey!

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Learn which exercises are best for your health goals and how you can stay consistent with a busy schedule. We'll teach you how to get out of your rut and also some pain-relieving solutions!

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We will teach you how you can improve your health through nutrition, even if you're not a health nut. We'll discuss how you can still include the foods that you love into your diet and give practical, down to earth tips to healthier eating.

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How can you reduce stress and improve your mood throughout the day? This is an important topic that can drastically change your outlook on health and positively impact your relationships.

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