What is the $99 New Patient Experience?

Balderston Chiropractic is proud to offer a New Patient Experience with a maximum out of pocket cost of $99 so you know exactly what to expect. We believe the fear that prevents someone from trying new things like chiropractic is really jus the fear of the unknown - and with that comes a fear of cost. By making our inital New Patient Experience a maximum out of pocket cost of $99 (or less if your insurance benefits allow), we eliminate the fear of "How much will it cost to get started?" We can then focus entirely on you and determining if you are, or are not, a candidate for chiropractic care.

This New Patient Exerience includes a private consultation with the doctor to discuss your health and wellness goals, spinal evaluation consisting of orthopedic and neurological examiniation and x-rays, if necessary, using state-of-art digital x-rays and treatment if indicated.

What if I have (or don't have) insurance?

No insurance? No problem! Whether you have insurance or not has no effect on the recommended care you may need. We make care affordable no matter your financial situation. If you do not have insurance to help you or if we are "out of network", then your New Patient Experience will cost only $99 which includes everthing you need for us to determine if we can help you or not. If you have insurance, you may owe less than the maximum out of pocket $99 depending if you have a copay, met your deductible or other conditions that might reduce your cost. 

There is no obligation to continue with care you may need and are recomended. The choice is always yours. For those without insurance, very high deductible or very limited coverage, Balderston Chiropractic offers discounts for treatment with ChiroHealthUSA (CHUSA) Discount Medical Savings Program. The cost to enroll your enitre family in the CHUSA discount program is only $49 for an entire year of savings.  $49 will be applied to CHUSA to enroll your entire family from the $99 New Patient Experience.