Many people are missing out on the best things in life because of their nagging pain and injuries.

Are you feeling hopeless as you struggle to get through each day with pain?

The team at Balderston Chiropractic provides excellent chiropractic care so you can get the healing you need to get back to the things you love.

What Can The Right Chiropractic Care Do For You?

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Balderston Chiropractic
Get Amazing Results Right Away
You'll appreciate the progress you'll notice as you follow your treatment plan.
We Guide You Along Each Step
Our whole team is committed to your recovery.
Enjoy A Healthy, Active Life
Renew your appreciation for doing the things that matter.
We know how important it is to find a chiropractor you trust to get you the best results.
The team at Balderston Chiropractic works together to give you the best experience, creating long-lasting health.
We believe patients always come first. That's what it means to be Patient-centered.
It's about giving you and your family the excellent care you deserve to resolve your health issues.
We help you get out of pain as soon as possible. You'll be back to regular activities at home and enjoying your hobbies and recreation.
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Imagine how great it would be to enjoy an active life, free from pain.
No matter what kind of pain or injury you're facing, our treatment plans get you back working in the yard, running, playing golf, or even just getting to hold your grandchildren again.
For over 40 years, we've been providing the best chiropractic care, serving the good people in the Shawnee and Kansas City area.
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"I would highly recommend Balderston Chiropractic!

The staff kept me well informed on what to expect with pricing and procedure. My symptoms have subsided but I will seek Dr. Balderston's care for any future needs."

- Corey J.

"I recovered from an acute lower back injury in a minimal amount of time!

Super friendly staff, I know where to go if I need a chiropractor again."

- Betsy B.

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Start Feeling Stronger And Healthier Right Away

This Is Our Simple Treatment Process
Request An Appointment
We get you in as soon as possible and answer any questions you may have.
Get A Custom Treatment Plan
You get a personal treatment plan that includes chiropractic care and rehab.
Start Feeling Great
You'll love the results as you start to get better, faster.

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Take Your Life Back

Request an appointment with Balderston Chiropractic so and start a new chapter of your life.

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